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Contemporary Management of Endometriosis and Infertility


Management of infertility associated with endometriosis has changed dramatically over the years.  For many years surgery was utilized to diagnose and treat infertility associated endometriosis .  Technological advances in reproductive medicine and greater understanding of this condition have led to alternative approaches that are less invasive and more effective in overcoming infertility.

Do Patients With Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome Need IVF To Conceive?


While sophisticated infertility treatments such as in-vitro fertilization are readily available, successful management of infertility caused by polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) can be achieved with simpler treatments, specifically ovulation induction utilizing oral or injectable ovulation induction medications.

What Is The Next "Big Thing" In Infertility Care?

Improving success rates of infertility treatment while  improving the health of newborn infants conceived through treatment are worthy goals for all professionals engaged in caring for infertile couples.   A recently published study suggests a novel approach which maintains high success rates while substantially reducing multiple births.

Why Does Clomid Sometimes Fail To Achieve Pregnancy?

Clomid is the oldest fertility medication available today.  In spite of the development of numerous new ovulation stimulating medication, Clomid remains a commonly used agent for ovulation induction.  Those patients who fail to become pregnant with Clomid treatment often ask why the medication has failed.  This article reviews the known causes for Clomid failures.

What Can I Do To Improve My Chances Of Achieving A Successful Pregnancy?

Jun 29, 2013 — by manara99
Tags: Infertility Treatment Infertility Advice

Couples experiencing infertility frequently ask what they can do to improve their prospects for achieving a successful pregnancy.  In this piece I have provided general information and direction for couples facing infertility with recommendations based on my own experiences treating infertile couples for many years.

Improving IVF Success - Time-lapse photography!

Jun 27, 2013 — by manara99
Tags: Technology Improved Success Ivf



A recent British group, published in Reproductive Biomedicine Online has come up with a novel method of studying human embryos in culture that involves the use of time-lapse photography to monitor the growth rate of embryos.  The technique allows embryologists to identify precisely the time at which embryos reach critical stages of development.  It is understood that genetically abnormal embryos are delayed in reaching certain developmental milestones. Time-lapse information was used by investigators to select the best embryos for transfer and improve the live birth rate by 56 percent.

Selecting The Best Embryo For Transfer

Jun 20, 2013 — by manara99
Tags: Ivfembryo Selectionivf Success


Reproductive specialists seek technological advancements, which improve their patient’s prospects for successful pregnancy.  Selecting the best embryo for transfer is likely to lead to the best chance for success.  A recent paper suggests a minimally invasive technique with potential to help select the best embryo for transfer. Researchers from England and Italy have removed and analyzed fluid from within the embryonic cavity.  Their preliminary studies have shown the presence of cell free embryonic DNA in this fluid. This technology may enable us to obtain accurate genetic information about the embryo in a minimally invasive fashion  leading to improved embryo selection and higher pregnancy rates.    

Accuracy of Early beta-HCG Levels in Predicting Fetal Viability

It is well established that during the early weeks of a normal pregnancy the quantitative beta-HCG level doubles every 48 hours.  A recent abstract reviewed outcomes in a large group of patients when even one beta-HCG levels failed to double, and supports the reliability of these early measurements in predicting successful pregnancy.

Egg Regeneration - Is It Possible?

May 27, 2013 — by manara99
Tags: Ivf Infertility Age And Infertility


It has long been accepted that the number of eggs available for reproduction is fixed prior to birth.  However, a recent well conducted study suggests that reproductive aged women have oocyte stem cells which can be isolated, cultured in the laboratory, and returned to ovarian tissue resulting in healthy egg development.  While this research preliminary, it opens up exciting possibilities for treating age related infertility.

Pregnancy After Vasectomy

May 18, 2013 — by manara99

A couple seeking to have a child after the male has had a vasectomy has two options available to them.  The traditional approach has been to perform a microsurgical vasectomy reversal.  However, improvements in management of male problems through assisted reproductive technologies have led to simplified treatments, specifically direct sperm injection into the egg cytoplasm (ICSI).

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