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How long will it take to determine the cause of infertility?

Typically the work-up can be completed in 4-6 weeks in motivated couple.

Is the testing painful?

The basic evaluation involves some minor discomfort. For example, blood tests may cause some discomfort. The x-ray of the fallopian tubes is probably the most uncomfortable test in the basic work-up. This test takes approximately two minutes to complete and causes discomfort comparable to a severe menstrual cramp.

What is the expected IVF success rate?

Answer: IVF success rates vary according to patient age and the specific cause of infertility. However, considering all patients going through IVF, the "take home baby rate" is 35%.

Will our insurance cover infertility treatment?

In December, 2001, the State of New Jersey passed a law, the "New Jersey Family Building Act", which provides for infertility coverage for the majority of New Jersey residents. Certain exclusions are written into the law, so it is essential that each patient check with their company's benefits coordinator to get specific information as to their benefits.

What are the chances that infertility treatment will result in a multiple birth?

Answer: It is true that most infertility treatments do result in an increased incidence of multiple births. These risks may be controlled and they do vary with regard to the specific treatment being utilized. For example, the use of clomiphene citrate, a commonly used agent, increases the incidence of twins to 10%. It does not increase the incidence of higher order multiple births. On the other hand, the use of injectable medications, gonadotropins, increase the chance of multiple births to 20% with a 1-2% chance of multiple births above twins.

Are the children conceived through infertility treatments more likely to have birth defects than children without treatment?

Most studies have shown that children conceived through infertility treatments are similar to children conceived without any infertility treatments in every respect.

Will my treatment be managed by "extendees" or personnel other than Dr. Manara?

Our office does utilize trained professional personnel who assist greatly in patient education, instruction and support. However, Dr. Manara does see each patient personally at every scheduled office appointment.

What is the expected overall success rate of treatment?

This is a difficult question to answer, since many variables are involved. Very often patient fears, lack of insurance, or frustration with treatments cause patients to stop short of treatments which would yield success for them. However when we have examined our data to determine success rates, we found that of those couples who were persistent and followed through with all the recommended treatments, the success rate was 80%.

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