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Clomid and Letrozole

The use of oral ovulation induction medications with or without intrauterine insemination is a common first line approach to management of infertility.

Posted by Mike Dougherty on Sep 24, 2023

Infertility and THC Use

This supports the notion that even with an extensive history of THC use, outcomes can be improved with cessation.

Posted by Mike Dougherty on Sep 12, 2023

Basics of Genetic testing in Infertility: Carrier screening

Carrier screening is a way to identify genetic conditions for which a couple’s child may be at risk.  These are especially important to test because…

Posted by Mike Dougherty on Sep 10, 2023

Basics for Genetics of Infertility: PGT Synopsis

PGT-A is used to identify embryos which have an abnormal number of chromosomes or an abnormal number of just part of a chromosome, but the…

Posted by Mike Dougherty on Jul 04, 2023

Basics of Genetic Testing in Infertility: Karyotype

A Karyotype is a test that looks at an individual s DNA. This is a very useful test for diagnosis of several conditions such…

Posted by Mike Dougherty on Jun 27, 2023

Re-Opening Our Office!

I hope that you are all well and getting adjusted to our new Coronavirus world.  Of course, I have been carefully monitoring all of the…

Posted by manara99 on Apr 30, 2020


Based on recommendations of the governor of New Jersey and the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, as part of the international effort to limit the…

Posted by manara99 on Mar 28, 2020

Freeze–All Strategy In High-Responding Patients


Introduction – In recent years there has been increased use of the GnRH agonist as the final trigger to complete oocyte (egg) maturation in…

Posted by manara99 on May 07, 2017

Preimplantation Genetic Diagnosis/Screening – Update July 2016

The idea of genetically testing embryos to select the best embryo for transfer is not a new concept.  We have been applying one technology or…

Posted by manara99 on Jul 31, 2016

Why Does A Genetically Normal Embryo Fail To Implant?


In recent years we have developed technology that enables us to determine if an embryo is genetically normal before it is transferred to the uterus.…

Posted by manara99 on Mar 12, 2016

Dr. Louis R. Manara

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