Fertility Tests

Identifying the Cause of Infertility

Fertility Tests New JerseyWhen a couple is trying to conceive, infertility issues can bring about tremendous emotional distress and uncertainty. While identifying the cause of infertility as quickly as possible is important, the rush to pinpoint the issue should not compromise the treatment that a couple receives. Dr. Louis R. Manara performs a number of thorough fertility tests for patients throughout the New Jersey area. By correctly identifying the issue that is causing infertility, Dr. Manara can create an accurate treatment plan that will help couples fulfill their dreams of having a family. If you suffer from infertility, please contact our Voorhees, New Jersey practice to learn more about the fertility tests and treatment options available.

Comprehensive Fertility Tests

Patients who visit the Center For Reproductive Medicine and Fertility receive personalized attention and treatment that is unique to their specific health needs. In order to accurately determine the root of infertility, Dr. Manara performs an infertility workup, which includes several fertility tests. Performed at his New Jersey practice, this approach allows for prompt initiation of proper therapy. The basic fundamentals of the contemporary infertility workup include the following:

Semen analysis

This basic test is an essential component of the infertility workup and includes evaluation of the count, motility, and morphology (sizes and shapes of sperm cells).

Ultrasound Examination

This office procedure allows an accurate assessment of the reproductive organs, often diagnosing such conditions as endometriosis, congenital malformations of the uterus, ovarian cysts, and abnormalities involving the uterine lining.

X-Ray Evaluation of the Fallopian Tubes

Formally known as a hysterosalpingogram, this simple fertility test involves the injection of a solution through the reproductive system to determine if the fallopian tubes are open or blocked. It also provides important information about the inside of the uterine cavity. This test is performed in the x-ray department of our local hospital.

Laboratory Testing

Testing blood hormone levels at selected times during the menstrual cycle allows detection of ovulation defects and deficiencies. Also, screening is done to rule out thyroid, pituitary, ovarian, and adrenal abnormalities.

Post-Coital Testing

This test involves inspection of the woman's cervical mucous several hours after intercourse and evaluates how well sperm survive and move through the cervical secretions. This test can suggest the presence of antibodies present within the cervical secretions which may inactivate sperm.

Learn More about Fertility Tests

For couples who suffer from infertility, recognizing the cause of this health issue is half the battle. Receiving adequate fertility treatment from the start is an important way to ensure success in conceiving. If you are interested in learning more about the fertility tests and treatments offered by Dr. Manara, please contact our New Jersey practice today.

Dr. Louis R. Manara

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Dr. Louis R. Manara and the Center for Reproductive Medicine and Fertility team are dedicated to helping families achieve parenthood through safe, versatile, and personalized treatment options. We are affiliated with several noteworthy organizations including:

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