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Thyroid Function and Fertility

While extreme thyroid abnormalities are a well-known cause of infertility, minor thyroid abnormalities also clearly impact fertility and should be identified and treated.

Lifestyle And Diet Choices To Improve Fertility

Apr 16, 2014 — by manara99
Tags: Improving Fertility Healthy Pregnancy

Diet and lifestyle choices may have a significant impact on fertility.  A Harvard study conducted in 2007 concluded that women who had the highest fertility scores ate more monounsaturated fats, more high fiber carbohydrates, and had more iron in their diets from vegetable foods and supplements.

Low Sperm Counts – Some General Considerations

Apr 9, 2014 — by manara99
Tags: Male Infertility Ivf With Icsi

Semen analysis is an important part of the standard infertility evaluation.  In approximately 40-50 percent of infertility evaluations, an abnormality is found in the semen analysis.  Presented is a brief overview of the semen analysis including a discussion of clinical management of the infertile couple when the semen analysis is found to be abnormal.  Advances in assisted reproductive technologies in the past 20 years have made it possible to achieve excellent pregnancy rates even when sperm counts are extremely low. 

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Dr. Louis R. Manara


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