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“Freeze All” – The Next Big Thing?

Jan 15, 2015 — by manara99
Tags: Improving Ivf Success Improving Fertility Potential

Several large infertility centers have recently suggested that freezing all embryos that develop in a stimulated cycle rather than placing them in the uterine cavity may improve the pregnancy rate achieved as a result of that egg retrievl. Some programs have found that freezing all embryos that develop to the blastocyst stage, and holding them for future transfer in an unstimulated cycle significantly improves pregnancy and live birth rates.  One of the advantages of freezing all of the embryos is that this allows for transfer of the best embryo(s) in a cycle that closely resembles the natural menstrual cycle. 

Unexplained Infertility – What the Semen Analysis Does Not Tell Us!

Dec 27, 2014 — by manara99
Tags: Improving Ivf Success Improving Fertility Potential

Infertility evaluations often fail to identify the precise cause of infertility.  While currently utilized standard infertility testing procedures may not find the precise explanation for the delay in conceiving, it is logical to assume that there is a defect in either the female or male leading to the delay in conception.  In this blog post we consider some of the shortcomings of the standard semen analysis. 

Novel IVF Stimulation Protocol

Nov 27, 2014 — by manara99
Tags: Improving Ivf Success Improving Fertility Potential

One of the most important factors in achieving successful in-vitro fertilization is the ovarian stimulation.  Over the years, many stimulation protocols have been utilized in an attempt to achieve the  “ideal” controlled ovarian hyperstimulation protocol.  A recent publication in Fertility and Sterility, November 2015 presents an excellent protocol with some distinct advantages.

Environmental and Physiologic Factors Influencing IVF Outcomes

Jan 21, 2014 — by manara99
Tags: Improving Ivf Success Improving Fertility Potential

Patients experiencing infertility often inquire about how they might improve their chances of successful pregnancy by modifying their diet, activity, or lifestyle.  This article is an attempt to provide some insight into these often asked questions.


Many factors affecting IVF success are completely out of the patient’s control such as age, genetics, egg quality, response to ovarian stimulation, and embryo implantation.  There are however some important factors that have a significant influence on the prospects for success that are under the couples control.  Stress, diet, weight, and lifestyle are all considered to be modifiable factors that may improve prospects for successful IVF.

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