As you know, we are experiencing an evolving worldwide pandemic caused by the Coronavirus.  Our practice has carefully conducted full operations during the week past week so that we could  complete all treatments that were started before the restrictions were initiated,  following the existing guidelines recommended by the State of New Jersey and well as the CDC.  This past week New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy issued a stay-at-home order for an undetermined period of time.

In addition, our center received correspondence from the American Society for Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) that we should not start any new IVF or ovulation induction/IUI cycles until further notice.  

In compliance with the State of New Jersey directive as well as the ASRM guidelines, we are not planning any new IVF cycle starts or IUI cycles for the next 2-4 weeks pending further directives.  We are monitoring the situation carefully and hope that we will resume full operations in the not too distant future.  Please feel free to call our office to get instructions when you have a period or to get an update on when we might be able to resume IVF and IUI treatment cycles.  A member of our staff (Kelly) will be at the office each day and will communicate with me regularly so that we may address any special circumstances or problems that may come up during this interruption.   




  1. Utilizing telemedicine, I am available for ongoing treatment consultations as well as new patient consultations.  This may be the ideal time for patients contemplating IVF in the near future OR a change in the direction of their treatment to schedule a consultation. The IVF consultations involve a detailed review of the preparation and performance of IVF treatment cycles.  You may schedule these consults in the usual manner by telephone.
  2. We are happy to renew prescriptions as needed.
  3. At this time the major laboratories are up and running and we can arrange for routine screening labs, progesterone levels, beta hCG levels for monitoring early pregnancies, etc. Please call the office to request what you need to have done and we will email you requisition for the required test.
  4. As always, I am available for any emergencies or problems that may come up either during business hours or after hours for emergencies.  Mornings are always best for contacting the office for any routine issues that come up or for scheduling telemedicine consultations.
  5. On a patient by patient basis, we may be able to continue ovulation induction cycles.  Please contact the office with your menses if you would like to continue ovulation induction cycles.  Although IUI’s may not be feasible for a short while, in many cases ovulatory stimulation in conjunction with timed intercourse may be completely appropriate.




We will get through this crisis and get back to working together to achieve success as soon as possible. I realize that achieving success as quickly as possible is your goal. Please understand that your success and safety guide my decisions and that I am monitoring circumstances very carefully. Importantly, I want you as well as my staff to be safe and not exposed to any additional risks of contracting this virus, and for this reason we will carefully follow the advice of the public health experts. During this difficult time, we will do everything possible to make the best use of the time and resources available to keep your treatment plans moving forward. My staff and I are available and committed to doing any and everything possible to keep you on track for success.  Please stay safe and practice all of the recommendations made by the medical experts!   


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