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Micromanipulator New JerseyDr. Louis R. Manara understands that when you’re trying to start a family, every moment counts. That’s why he remains at the forefront of fertility treatment, using the latest technologies and techniques to identify and respond to a variety of fertility problems. One of the newest and most exciting developments in the reproductive field is a micromanipulator, which Dr. Manara utilizes at his New Jersey practice. This device allows fertility specialists to influence the interaction of cells, increasing the likelihood of fertilization and implantation. Micromanipulation is a cutting-edge technology that has proven effective for the treatment of a variety of fertility issues. If you are interested in learning more about this process, please contact the Center For Reproductive Medicine and Fertility today.

The Many Uses of a Micromanipulator

The micromanipulator is a sophisticated piece of laboratory equipment which has many applications including exact placement of sperm within the egg and precise application of laser energy to the cells surrounding the embryo, allowing it to attach more easily to the uterine wall. This device also helps Dr. Manara perform a number of treatments, including:


Intra-Cytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI) is the most common procedure that involves micromanipulation. This technique allows for the direct insertion of one sperm cell into the cytoplasm of the egg to achieve fertilization. This treatment can be used in situations where the egg is not easily penetrated by sperm. However, ICSI is most often used to overcome male-related infertility, specifically in cases where the sperm count may be very low.

Assisted Zona Hatching

In some cases, the thickness of the membrane that surrounds an embryo can negatively impact the likelihood of implantation. Dr. Manara uses micromanipulation to perform a procedure known as “assisted zona hatching.” This technique involves holding the embryo with the micromanipulator and dissolving a small area of the membrane. This allows the embryo to “hatch” more easily and thereby give it an improved chance to attach the uterine wall.

Pre-implantation Genetic Diagnosis

Among the more advanced procedures that Dr. Manara performs at his New Jersey practice is pre-implantation genetic diagnosis, also known as embryo screening. This involves the removal of one cell from an embryo to determine the genetics of that embryo. In this way, only healthy, genetically “normal” embryos are returned to the patient’s uterus. This technique has gained popularity in the past few years. While it is a complicated procedure, pre-implantation genetic diagnosis increases the likelihood of a successful pregnancy, and a disease-free baby.

More Information on the Micromanipulator

By employing a micromanipulator at his Voorhees, New Jersey practice, Dr. Manara is able to perform one of the most progressive techniques available in fertility treatment. If you are interested in learning if you are a candidate for micromanipulation, please contact our practice today.

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